NFL Teams if they were NHL Teams: An 8 Part Series, AFC East

Amidst a pandemic, our creative juices have been pushed to new highs. The team here at CoastersCorner thought we could do a comparison of NFL teams to NHL teams. We focused predominantly on where they currently stand and for some teams, their franchises’ recent success/failure. Players, management, styles of play, fan bases are just some of the factors we thought about when completing the series. Next up, AFC East and their respective NHL counterparts.

New England Patriots = Pittsburgh Penguins “Fading Dynasties”

The Patriots and Penguins are the recent dynasties of both the NFL and NHL. The Pens have taken down the Stanley Cup three of the last eleven years, while the Patriots have 3 Superbowls in the last six years. Seemingly though, all good things must come to an end. With the recent departure of Tom Brady and a roster that seems to be fading away, New England looks poised for a setback in 2020. The same can not necessarily be said about the Penguins, as Mike Sullivan has guided the Pens to a solid record in this year’s NHL campaign. However, with an aging core of Crosby and Malkin and a devoid prospect pool, the Pens don’t have much of a window left.

New York Jets = Ottawa Senators “It Hurts to be Coast”

Oh how this hurts to write as a Jets and Sens fan. The Jets simply have a lackluster breadth of talent which is similar to the Senators organization but in the Jets case, they don’t have the “just kids” excuse except for young Sam Darnold. Jamal Adams can be compared to Brady Tkachuk, both are gritty players who are young in age and are still on the upswing of their careers. C.J Mosley and Thomas Chabot are both quiet but talented in their respective positions. These two organizations have had their fair share of management problems, with the Jets not having a good draft in a decade meanwhile the Sens have the worst owner in the league that is reluctant to pay his players. Safe to say, the term ‘rebuild’ is in full effect for both franchises.

Buffalo Bills = Dallas Stars “Defensive Juggernauts”

For so many years, these two teams have just been ‘okay’ with decent records and fan bases who are starving for some progress. However, in the last few seasons Stars and Bills fans have seen positive results. The Bills regime under Sean Mcdermott and Brandon Beane has been nothing short of a success thus far, as the team has reached the playoff in two of the last three seasons. This is an impressive feat considering the Bills missed the playoffs a mind-boggling 17 straight seasons before the Mcdermott/Beane era began. The Stars on the other hand have reached the playoffs in two of the past four seasons, most recently last year losing in the second round in seven games to the eventual Stanley Cup Champion St. Louis Blues. The strong tie in with both these teams are their defensive records. The Bills defense has been extremely impressive under Mcdermott, with the second least points against last season and the third least yards allowed per game.The Stars have the second least goals against in the current campaign, as Rick Bowness has gotten the team to buy into a solid defensive season which is a stark contrast to the run and gun style employed by Ken Hitchcock a few years ago. Both seem poised to strive for postseason success when their respective season’s resume, as they try to prove the statement “Defense Wins Championships” true.

Miami Dolphins = New Jersey Devils “Bob the Rebuilders”

These two teams are probably most similar from their management of teams’ assets. It seems as though both entered a full blown rebuild (the Devils again) through trading some of their most skilled players for 1st round picks. Laremy Tunsil and Minkah Fitzpatrick vs. Taylor Hall and Blake Coleman, these trades led to both teams getting 3 1st round picks in their next draft. The Dolphins seem to be closer to climbing out of the basement but both are requiring some legitimate talent before being playoff contenders again.

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