NFL Teams if they were NHL Teams: An 8 Part Series, AFC West

Amidst a pandemic, our creative juices have been pushed to new highs. The team here at CoastersCorner thought we could do a comparison of NFL teams to NHL teams. We focused predominantly on where they currently stand and for some teams, their franchises’ recent success/failure. Players, management, styles of play, fan bases are other factors we thought about when completing this series. First up, the AFC West and their respective NHL counterparts.

Kansas City Chiefs = Boston Bruins “Top Dawgs”

Though the Bruins don’t have the claim of being reigning champions, the Stanley Cup runners up from last year have plenty in common with the Superbowl champion Chiefs. Both teams have relentless offenses, both owning a top 10 ranking in goals for or points for. The Chiefs and Bruins don’t lack on defense either, with both squads owning a top 10 defensive unit,(Boston 1st in GA and KC 7th in PA)and top 5 overall point differentials. However, the strongest link in this comparison is the fact that both teams sit atop their respective leagues at the end (or stoppage) of their seasons.

Los Angeles Chargers = San Jose Sharks “Bounce-back Candidates

The California Duo had disappointing 2019 campaigns after coming into their respective seasons with lofty expectations. However, in both cases, there is ample amount of talent on respective rosters to see a quick turn around next season. The only one large difference separating the two is that the Chargers are able to benefit from their down year with a high draft pick of their own. The Sharks… Not so much. #SensArmy loves you Doug Wilson.

Denver Broncos = New York Islanders “Rock em’ and Sock em'”

Besides the Broncos winning a Super Bowl recently with Peyton Manning, both franchises have never really posed as a threat to win it all. The Broncos and Islanders have similar coaching styles where Vic Fangio is a great comparison to Barry Trotz, old school defensive minded coaches. Talent on the offense is young on both sides with only one true play-maker on both teams, Courtland Sutton for the Broncos and Mathew Barzal for the Isles. Hey and would you look at that, both teams are orange and blue!

Las Vegas Raiders = Montreal Canadiens “Crazy Fans, Sub Par Teams”

Two of the craziest fan bases in all of sports. Not to mention, after Vegas moves into their Death Star of a stadium, both will have the biggest buzz of a stadium experience in each league. These are two teams that are gripping onto their team’s success in the pre 2000 era but still pose as non threats to become a winning team in their respective leagues. Their fans are starving for some more consistency and they will need to add multiple pieces to their core in order to reach the levels they continue to cling onto.

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