Rob Gronkowski is a Buccaneer!

Oh how the turn tables! What a world we are currently living in. Rob Gronkowski came out of retirement, passed a physical and was traded all in the span of about 30 minutes earlier this afternoon. The trade that sent the perennial tight end from New England to Tampa Bay was a 4th rounder in exchange for Gronkowksi and a 7th, This has sent shock waves throughout the NFL community.

Brady must have reached out to him shortly after Gronk got his belt at Wrestlemania earlier this month. Just when you think this Tampa Bay situation could not get any more interesting… this happens. If Gronk is even 50 % of what he was during his years in New England in Tampa, Brady is going to have too many threats at his disposal. GODwin and Evans on the outside and then if you run a 2 TE set with Gronk an O.J Howard, it will be tough to stop this team. Arians will need to find a way to actually design plays to throw to his tight ends, something he has struggled with in the past.

We got our hands dirty to find the true reason why this all happened…Gronk was recently in Kygo’s music video, Kygo is from Norway, Norway is located on the Atlantic Ocean. Tampa Bay you may ask? Also, located on the atlantic ocean. It was bound to happen!

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