3 Lessons from Betting on the NFL Draft

With the first betting event related to North American sports now in the books, I wanted to take some notes of what I learned from betting on the NFL 2020 draft. We posted our prop bets article (can be found here) with the intent to help you get some action on the event as well as, reflect on how we did. Some did better than others but, I believe for some picks we all had the same thought process…

NFL Draft 2020: Prop Bets

We here at CoastersCorner have been salivating for any opportunity to bet on something besides E-Sports…tomorrow is that day! Mock draft after mock draft, expert analysis and seeing through the smoke and mirrors are only some things we focused on when making our wagers. We will do a follow-up article to see who did the best and who can we maybe view as the NFL Draft tout of our website. Without further adieu, here are the prop bets from 5 of our experts.

Comment on this post with your favourite prop bets or your favourite bet from one of our experts! Let’s make draft day great again.